The Gameplay of MetaKrypton in META Gamebase

Ⅰ. Background

A new century of the metaverse begins with the establishment of the “Metaverse Alliance”, an organization that explores the immensity as well as collects raw energy in order to keep the metaverse running. In the course of the exploration journey, the adventurers discovered the element Krypton, a brand new energy that would open a new era for the development of the metaverse. Hence, the Metaverse Alliance issued a new mission — to explore unknown fields to collect and mine new energy. This mission carries the future and hope of galactic civilization, where high-tier Starship are built and sent to explore and mine new energy in unknown territories. The adventure of a new era sets off.

Ⅱ. Introduction

Meta Krypton is a play2earn interstellar exploration game developed on the Binance Smart Chain, following the story background of Metaverse Miner. In the game, players can mint Starship, get various exquisite Starship NFTs, and get energy KR, HY and Ti by powers depleting and exploring to unknown interstellar fields.

Ⅲ. Starship NFT & Energy

There are 3 types of Starship NFTs, including CT (Heavy Transportation), CE (Heavy Exploration), and CC (Heavy Cruiser), which can be mint by consuming certain energy. Each type of starship NFT has a total of 4 levels of form, and players can synthesize and upgrade higher levels of starship NFT form through certain ways. The degree of refinement of each form varies, but the more fully equipped the starship, the more efficient the mining.

The main task of the starship NFT is to navigate through the boundless starry sky, find the designated exploration of the planet and mining energy. Three types of starship are designated to mine different kinds of energy: CC starship mines KR, CE starship mines Ti, and CT starship mines HY. After mining these energies, the starship can also combine KR, TI and HY to consume for starship operation.

1. Three Starship NFT


Class I Heavy Transportation

Heavy Transportation is an important post-25th century heavy transport ship designed for long-term deep-space missions to collect the energy source Hydrogen ($HY), with pure Krypton interstellar engines that can fly through the stars with a small amount of Krypton ($KR), without the need for conventional energy sources. The CT class starship is mainly used to search for gaseous planets in the stars and to collect and deliver HY through the Moxie Collector to provide energy for interstellar exploration starship.


Class I Heavy Exploration

Heavy exploration is a ship designed in the early-25th century to search for alloy planets to collect Titanium Alloy ($Ti), which has been a necessary metal material for interstellar exploration as the main alloy metal for starship construction. Krypton ($KR) and ($HY) hybrid interstellar engines, which can adapt to various interstellar environments for exploration flights.


Class I Heavy cruiser

Heavy Cruiser series is the most advanced starship designed by humans at the end of the 24th century. At the beginning of the 24th century, humans discovered that krypton could be used as an energy source to drive catalysis and starship construction. As a result, the CC class was designed primarily for deep space exploration of Krypton planets and unknown exploration missions with advanced Krypton harvesters that could directly collect Krypton $KR in the early 25th century after a second generation design, currently with Krypton ($KR) and ($HY) hybrid engines to adapt to the complex exploration environment in the interstellar.

2. Energy Resources

HY (Hydrogen)

Mainly collected by CT series starship in search of gaseous planets, starship consume $KR, providing hybrid energy for starship exploration.

Ti (Titanium Alloy)

Mainly collected by CE series starship in search of alloy planets, starship consume $KR and $HY, Ti (titanium alloy) is used in starship construction.

KR (Krypton)

Mainly collected by CC series starship in search of krypton planets, starship consume $KR and $HY. KR (Krypton) is used in starship construction.

Ⅳ. Meta Krypton & Metaverse Miner

1. Transformation

When people were mining the three major energy resources, they discovered the early energy at the same time — META is a more advanced energy than KR, HY and Ti, and META contains the basic atomic elements of the other three major energies in the energy composition. Thus, people can transform META and the three major energies into each other through mechanism transformation.

At the launch of the game, Meta Krypton will open a liquid pool of META with KR, HY, and Ti.

2. NFT co-branding Events

Holders of the specified level of NFT in Metaverse Miner will be added to Meta Krypton’s new game launch program, please pay attention to the latest announcement for the specific activities timeline and details.

Ⅴ. MetaKrypton Application

1. NFT starship pre-sale

Meta Krypton will conduct its first Starship NFT pre-sale in late December 2021, when it will support META-based tokens to participate in the pre-sale for Starship NFT in the early days of Genesis, so stay tuned.

2. Mint NFT Starship

Since the Metaverse Alliance released a new mission — to explore unknown star fields to collect and mine new energy — increasing numbers of adventurers have responded to the call to sign up. Compared to Metaverse Miner’s exploration on fixed planets, this mission will go to more distant and mysterious star fields, which requires a more powerful tool for interstellar navigation — a starship. The Metaverse Alliance promises that they can build huge starship for adventurers as long as they provide some of the materials such as KR and TI, in order to help the adventurers kick off their expeditions.

To participate in the expedition, adventurers must have their own starship, the access to starship are:

1. Use META to convert KR and TI, then use these two materials to build a starship.

2. If someone sells starship in the NFT marketplace, adventurers can use META to buy starship.

The adventurer can mint the specified level 1 starship by consuming the required different amount of KR and TI.

Note: The same type and class of starship built is the same in terms of mining efficiency and energy consumption.

3. NFT Starship Mining

Adventurers, and once you have your own starship, you can start your exploration journey and go to unknown star fields to mine resources.

In the process of exploring and mining, you not only need to consume resources to support the voyage and mining, but also need to consume the captain’s stamina value, and the durability of the starship itself. For professional starship to increase efficiency, and different starship only target specific energy sources for mining.

Stamina: It is the captain’s physical health, and the ship can only continue exploring with a healthy captain.

Durability: Starship will be affected by radiation during exploration, and the durability affects the life of the ship.

Mining Cycle: The mining cycle of the starship is 1 hour, and you need to click manually for the next mining after each exploitation. Starship cannot be recalled to the dock during mining.

Mining Revenue: players can see their revenue on the mining page, and after each mining is completed, the revenue needs to be claimed to the game account. The next mining can be conducted only after each revenue collection is completed.

4. Governance and Maintenance

While long-term interstellar exploration can be a constant exploitation of resources, as well as a long and isolated journey. As a captain, you need to have good stewardship habits for the interstellar and exploration programs, and to maintain and care for the starship in a timely manner to improve their lifespan.

Mining plan

Starship have three main states, sailing, mining, and resting placed in the dock. During each journey, mining can be tapped for a period of 1 hour, and will continue to remain sailing after the mining is finished. Players who want to maintain a sufficient level of attendance will need to manually click on the next round of mining after each mining session, otherwise they will not be able to generate revenue after mining is ended. Therefore, players need to make their own mining plan.

The plan includes:

1. After each mining, choose a fixed time to tap on the next round of mining to guarantee sufficient revenue. Theoretically, you can mine 24 times a day (mining is 1 hour per cycle).

2. According to the rate of stamina consumption, using $HY to replenish the captain’s stamina value regularly.

3. Record the wear and tear of each starship and make repairs in time. However, you should also be careful not to over-repair, as over-repair will lower the endurance limit of the starship.

Stamina value recharge

Each captain can control numerous starships at the same time, but each time you control a starship to mine, it will consume captain’s stamina, and players can recharge stamina by using $HY.


1. Stamina value range: 0–500. Initial stamina value of each captain: 200; when the captain’s stamina reaches the best state “stamina value of 500”, no more stamina value can be recharged.

2. 1 $HY = 5 stamina value

3. When the player taps on the starship for mining, the stamina value will be deducted. When the captain/player is low on stamina, he/she will not be able to explore and mine. Players can recharge their stamina value at any time.

4. The captain cannot recall the starship when the initial stamina value is below 200.

Starship Repair

All starships being mined will have irreversible physical damage due to effects of cosmic rays, during which they will reduce their endurance, so each starship will need to be repaired periodically.


1. The initial endurance of a level 1 starship is 100, the endurance range is 0–100, and each mining consumes 5 endurance points.

2. The starship cannot be explored when the endurance is 0.

3. Players need the starship in the state of sailing or resting to repair the endurance, the starship in mining cannot be repaired.

4. 1KR=5 endurance value

5. Each time you repair a starship, the durability limit will be reduced by 1 point, and the output will become less as the durability cap is reduced.

6. There is a very small probability (1%) that a repair will fail and the ship will disintegrate into material that breaks down to 80% of its cost.

7. If the starship durability is not at its optimal state (full), the captain/player cannot recall the ship.

8. For every 10% reduction in the durability cap, the output presents a 10% decline.

9. The durability cap to 0, is scrapped, any status of starship decline, regardless of whether the durability cap becomes 0, it is able to participate in synthesis (participation in synthesis and trading, both require durability repair to full).

5. Dockyard

The Dockyard is the central location for all starships. As a mooring place for exploration trips, the Dockyard has countless starships departing and docking.


All starships created through construction are born in the Dockyard, which is the birthplace of every starship. Players can view all their starships here, and can check the current name, class, status, consumption, and earnings of starships that have gone on exploration.


If you want to explore the vast star field, you need to send your starship from the dock. There is a limit of 42 ships per player. (Galactic Hitchhiker’s Guide, the ultimate number of the universe.)

Transit Station

If you want to sell or upgrade your starship, you need to recall your starship to the docking bay. Requirements for starship recall: Starship is under sailing instead of mining; Captain’s stamina ≥ 200; Starship’s durability is at full capacity.

6. Build a stronger starship

There are currently 4 levels of starships, the higher the level, the stronger the attributes of the starship, all starships are of level 1 when they are built. Players can upgrade starships of the same type with correlation between them. 3 starships of the same type can be upgraded to a higher level starship.

7. NFT marketplace

CT starship attributes by class
CE starship attributes by class
CC starship attributes by class


(1) The 3 starships required to upgrade to a higher level must be of the same type

(2) Can not be upgraded across levels

(3) Each upgrade that generates a higher level starship will have certain random attributes.

8. Conversion

Players have an account within MetaKrypton’s game where all of the player’s current holdings of KR, TI, and HY can be viewed.


When players need to participate in the game, it is a good way to recharge KR, TI and HY in advance. Once recharged, it will be more convenient to participate in NFT transactions, recharge stamina value, repair starships, build starships and other operations in the game. There is no fee for recharging.


Players can withdraw their earnings or tokens to the wallet address through its withdrawal. A percentage fee will be charged for each withdrawal.

Ⅵ. Tokenomics

1. Basic

(1) KR

Token symbol: KR

Token name: Krypton

Mainnet: BSC

Total supply: 10 billion


10% Provides liquidity for the market

5% of team, unlocked from the second year, 25% every 6 months

85% Generated through in-game mining, release is based on in-game mining efficiency

Applications: Starship construction consumption, starship upgrade consumption, durability repair consumption, MetaKrypton equity tokens.

(2) TI

Token symbol: TI

Token name: Titanium Alloy

Mainnet: BSC

Total supply: 10 billion


10% Provides liquidity for the market

5% of team, unlocked from the second year, 25% every 6 months

85% Generated through in-game mining, release is based on in-game mining efficiency

Applications: Starship construction consumption, starship upgrade consumption, MetaKrypton game tokens.

(3) HY

Token symbol: HY

Token name: Hydrogen

Mainnet: BSC

Total supply: 10 billion


10% Provides liquidity for the market

5% of team, unlocked from the second year, 25% every 6 months

85% Generated through in-game mining, release is based on in-game mining efficiency

Applications: Stamina value recharge consumption, MetaKrypton game tokens.

2. Ecosystem

Ⅶ. Roadmap

December 2021

1. Release the game economic model and in-game scenes.

2. Deploy the game NFT contract and start R&D.

3. Release Dev Log on Official Medium.

4. Initiate MetaKrypton INO pre-sale on Metaverse Game platform (initial NFT product).

January 2022

1. Promotion by major media.

2. Community AMA interaction, meet with game developers.

3. Censored internal test version starts, and invite selected users to experience the game first.

4. The game officially starts the uncensored public test.

5. Game iteration and upgrade.

February to March 2022

1. Complete the code audit.

2. Join BSC MVB program.

3. Independent APP development.

4. Game 2.0 version development and testing.

April-June 2022

1. Game online version 2.0.

2. Cross-chain deployment on ETH/SOL/AVAX and other ecologies.

3. Start the development of full 3D VR exploration version.

🔻Official Links

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Meta Krypton is a Play2Earn interstellar exploration game developed on the BSC.