MetaKrypton Open Beta Will Live on 28th JAN

I. Create a test wallet

1. Click into the wallet to select a custom network or add RPC

II. Claim test tokens

  1. Get BNB test tokens for account fees. Enter the address to get test BNB tokens.

Start Testing

To MetaKrypton test address link and connect:

I. Swap and deposit

When you have 3 tokens in your wallet, you will need recharge to your game account in order to participate in the game. Click on the ‘SWAP’ page at the top right. Click on ‘DEPOSIT’, enter the amount of tokens and click “Deposit” to get tokens in your wallet for game spending.

II. Build

After recharge the token, players can click ‘BUILD’ to mint starships. There are three types of Lv.1 starships to choose. The cost of each minting varies, with the relevant attributes of the starship will be indicated. There is a range of output differences between the same type of starship. Each successfully built starship is dispatched immediately and is in a voyaging state.

III. Upgrades

In order to obtain a lv.2 or higher starship, players can only upgrade by consuming 3 low level starships of the same type and a certain amount of $KR and $TI. When you need to upgrade, click on the starship level and then tap on ‘UPGRADE’ to be redirected to the page where you can select a low level starship. A successfully upgraded starship is in voyage state.

IV. View and Repair in Dock

Tap on “DOCK”, you can check the starships that are not voyage or have returned voyage. In the dock, players can click on the starship to ‘RETURN VOYAGE’ or ‘TO EXPLORE’. In addition, you can maintain your starship at the dock (it is recommended that you maintain your starship when its durability cannot support mining, in order to increase its lifespan)

V. Mining and collecting earnings

You need to click on ‘EXPLORE’ to mine at ‘DOCK’ and enter to the mining page, where you can select a starship to mine. You can also recall the starship to the dock or maintain it (you can’t recall a starship if its durability is not full, so don’t recall it too often as it will lose its lifespan), or return to the dock and choose ‘RETURN VOYAGE’.

VI. Recover Stamina

Every time you mine, you will consume your stamina. If your stamina is low, starship will not be able to mine; if your stamina falls below 200, you will not be able to recall your starship.

VII. Marketplace Trading

To be able to sell a Starship NFT on the market, the Starship needs to be in recall status and have been returned to dock. You can view Orders for Starship NFTs that are for sale, ‘All NFT’ allows you to view all transactions on the market, and ‘History’.

Official Links

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord



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Meta Krypton is a Play2Earn interstellar exploration game developed on the BSC.