MetaKrypton Developer’s Log #5

3 min readJan 14, 2022


Greetings and salutations, adventurers!

To check with the latest update of MetaKrypton here, we bring marked events to your attention as well as our new developments to help you stay ahead of whole META ecosystem.

The devs team completed the NFT marketplace function and related interface settings on January 13. Players can buy their favorite starship NFTs in the marketplace and sell their current unused starship NFTs, offering for trading starship NFTs between players.

NFT Marketplace Index

  1. NFT marketplace indicates “All NFT”, “My NFT”, “Trade”, “History “4 menu bar.
  2. In “All NFT”, gamers can view the name, NFT class, NFT amount, current sell price, and all starships NFT for sale.
  3. Players can search for the starship NFT they need based on price, starship type, and starship class.

NFT Attributes Display

1. Tap on NFT and enter the Attributes of NFT index.

2. Players can check the price, mining efficiency, current durability / durability limit

My NFT Index Page

  1. Players can view the their own NFT starship here.
  2. The starship NFT displayed in this session must be a recalled starship.
  3. Players can sell them at will.

The sell function price input screenshot is as follows

The trading page has been developed

  1. In this page, players can view the current starship NFTs for sale.
  2. Players can cancel the selling status and also change the current selling price

Trading history session

  1. Players can view their own NFT transaction history, and the transaction history of the entire market to understand the market price dynamics.
  2. In this session, gamers can view the completed NFT transactions, including NFT number, starship name, starship class, starship NFT transaction price, seller address, buyer address, and transaction date.

Reminder: The censored internal test version will be announced in the coming days!

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Meta Krypton is a Play2Earn interstellar exploration game developed on the BSC.